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Why to use rechargable batteries

17 January 2010 One Comment

Look around you, digital camera, remotes, mp3 players, gaming controllers, toys, flash lights  and other other little gadgets that you use, if I am not wrong most of these use “AA” / “AAA” batteries to power them,  like it or not but we are surrounded by batteries and you might be using Alkaline batteries or the older normal Zinc Carbon batteries in them, the problem with these batteries are that once you use them you just throw them,  image the amount of waste that is being generated due to disposal all this which is bad for environment and our planet.

You might not even realize that  using these disposable batteries is pretty  expensive to your pocket in the long run, a good rechargeable battery can get you easily 400-500 recharges and with proper care as high as 800-1000 charge cycles before you need to dispose them, I personally have some NiMH rechargeable  batteries that are over 9 years old and they run like new.

Pile of batteries
This huge pile of batteries could be replaced with just a couple of rechargeable batteries

Also don’t forget that the disposable batteries can some times leak and can thus play havoc with your expensive devices, on the other hand rechargeable battery are resistant to leakage also if you are using a high drain device like a digital camera and if you use a disposable battery like an Alkaline battery you might just get 20-25  snaps before you would need to replace the battery and the same camera should give you over 100 snaps with a quality NiMH rechargeable battery, basically a good NiMH battery with a high drain devices should give you 3-4 times the performance of an Alkaline battery!

In short it’s a good idea to use rechargeable battery because its good for environment (less waste disposal) , it’s ideal for high drain gadget and also good for your pocket in the long run.

There are a lot of different types of rechargeable batteries for various usage, the most popular are NiCD (Nickle Cadium), NiMH (Nickle Metal Hydrite), NiMH LSD (a variant of NiMH with low self discharge) and LiON (Lithium Ion) in short there is a rechargeable battery for every type of device you might have.

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  • Haider Salman said:

    I have an energizer battery charger. It is only a charger but not a conditioner. I want to ask u guys if it is good and can u plss suggest me a very good long lasting rechargeable battery.

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