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This website is made by “Ranjit Kumar” I am in my mid thirties and I am professional  software / web developer and a publisher.

The reason I created rechargebatteryguide.com is to spread information regarding rechargeable batteries, I have been using rechargeable “AA / AAA” batteries now for the last 25 years, my fascination with rechargeable batteries started early on due to a remote controlled toy car, I had this car I guess when I was around 8-9 years old and this thing ate batteries like anything, soon I was not able to purchase disposable batteries to run this thing, this is when my uncle gave me some NiCD rechargeable batteries with a simple charger that served me well and helped me a lot with my toys and my walkman which also ran fine on rechargeable cells.

As time went by I started to use Alkaline batteries as they used to give me a lot more power than the NiCD batteries, In the late 90’s I got a Digital Camera and in the early 2000 a Mp3 player I noticed that  these the Alkaline batteries performed horribly in these devices and I then started using the new type of rechargeable batteries called the NiMH they performed brilliantly in high drain devices like digital cameras, the first “AA” NiMH batteries that I purchased are still running fine with me and it gave me 3 times more shots on my digital camera than alkaline batteries,  I again slowly started  using rechargeable batteries in most of my devices, with the launch of NiMH LSD rechargeable batteries there is no point in buying alkaline cells these days, over the years I have realized than how many good rechargeable batteries that I have destroyed due to cheap and dumb chargers.

These days I mostly use NiMH batteries in my gadgets and I just cannot digest the fact that the amount of waste we add by using disposable batteries, on this site I would like to share my knowledge and experience about rechargeable batteries and how you can also get the most out of them.

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  • dave goodrich said:

    dear ranjit:

    I was given eight eneloop AA batteries (1900 mAH)some time ago, and have only used them for my digital camera (uses four batteries). I recently got my first “message” from the camera that “batteries were low”. I installed my other four (12 months old?) unused ones, and recharged the other four for approximately 24 hours on what I assume is a “dumb” chearger.

    I read your brilliant website today for the first time, and recognize this may have been serious overcharging.I had not measured the voltage of the “discharged” batteries, but the recharged ones give me a 1.33 – 1.34 V reading, which sounds like ~90% capacity (on this first recharge), subject to any inaccuracy in my multimeter. Assuming this is true, can I use my “dumb” charger as set out next?

    The charger output is marked 2.8/5.6 VDC (1.4/battery in series for two or four?),and 700 ma DC (if they are indeed in series, then 700 ma through all batteries). Subject to system inefficiencies, should I charge the batteries for 3-4 hours, longer, or what? If I really need to buy a smart charger, what will it cost?.

    I will plan to measure the “used” voltage the next time my camera calls for replacement (should be about ~1.2 V?).

    Thanks very much in advance for any help you can give me!


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